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Honor’s upcoming Magic 6 smartphones will offer big camera upgrades

You'll find improvements across the sensors themselves, and the computational thinking behind the scenes.

Honor Magic 6 series' new cameras being used at fencing event

With every new smartphone launch, you can be pretty certain of one thing – the cameras are getting an upgrade. Honor’s upcoming Magic 6 smartphone series is sticking true to form and packing some big snapper upgrades. Not only are the sensors new, shiny, and more powerful, but all the computational stuff behind the scenes is getting better too.

At the heart of the Magic 6 series’ camera set-up is an enhanced Falcon Camera System, designed to take great photos fast. Compared to last year’s Magic 5, you’ll find improvements in dynamic range, light sensitivity, long-range vision, stability, and dynamic visuals. But more impressively, it’s backed by a colossal training dataset of 8,000,000 images for AI Motion Sensing, to reduce motion effects. It represents a nearly 3000% increase in data samples over its predecessor. The result? AI Motion Sensing 2.0 can discern and capture the best shots across a wider array of scenes than before.

Honor has put this tech to the test in dynamic and demanding environments. Take, for example, the brand’s collaboration with French fencer Cécilia Berder. The Magic 6 Pro was used to capture the fast-paced action of fencing, a sport where movements are so quick they’re often missed by the human eye. The results? Impressively clear images that demonstrate the camera’s capability to freeze fast-moving subjects without losing clarity. Honor wants to showcase how the Magic 6 Pro could be used for sports photography.

Delving deeper into the nitty gritty, the Magic 6 series boasts big improvements in sensor technology, shutter speed, imaging speed, and the algorithms that tie everything together. These upgrades aren’t just minor tweaks; they represent an overhaul aimed at upping the ante for photo quality and versatility. Whether it’s capturing low-light environments or the dynamic action of sports, Honor’s Magic 6 series reckons it can handle it.

So when can you get your hands on these new cameras? The Honor Magic 6 series is set to be unveiled on 25 February at the MWC 2024 tech expo. We don’t know too much else about the smartphones, but luckily we don’t have long to find out.

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