Hidden port can charge the Apple Watch faster

Taking too long to change your Apple Watch? Your solution is, uh, the Apple Watch

Apple products are usually full of secrets: menus or options you didn’t know about, or perhaps a text message that can reset a recipient’s phone.

Rarely is it ever a hidden piece of hardware, but that’s exactly what the Apple Watch has: a six-pin charging port concealed in the little notch that connects the wristband to the watch.

While this is technically a diagnostics port – used if there is an issue with your hardware to send data to Apple – it works faster than the regular charging base, and could be the secret to making an external power strap.

Unfortunately, this seems like just wishful thinking, as we can’t imagine that Apple will be happy for third party manufacturers to make peripherals for the device when they’re not doing it themselves. But who knows what hidden headphone jacks or extra buttons could be discovered if you broke open your iPhone? We hear there’s a second, bigger screen in the back of the iPad Air…

[Source: 9to5Mac via Gizmodo]