Hands on – Fujifilm FinePix XP30

We try not to drop the rugged new GPS camera from Fujifilm. Just in case

There have been plenty of rugged cameras and a few GPS-equipped cameras, but the Fujifilm FinePix XP30 is – you guessed it – a rugged GPS camera.

First impression is that it's surprising sleek for something packing so much tech as well as a layer of armour plating. After all, there's the GPS gubbins in there as well as a 5x zoom lens and 14-megapixel sensor.

In truth, it doesn't feel too tough. But that's kind of a compliment, because if it can manage waterproofing to 5m, shockproofing to 1.5m and freezeproofing to -10 degrees without weighing a ton and creating an embarrassing trouser bulge, all the better.

It comes in a load of colours but – and we're not sure why – we were drawn to the green. Maybe it felt outdoorsy.