Guide to Apple iPad 3 rumours

Trouble keeping up with the rumours? We've whittled them down to this essential guide

An iPad 3 already?

Although it's hard to believe that two iPads could launch in a single year, we actually received whiffs of a third-gen iPad mere hours before the iPad 2's launch. Recent morsels of information also suggest that production is soon to commence – fingers crossed for an autumn launch for the iPad 3.

More power under the hood

It would be lunacy on Apple's part not to up the power inside their latest slate, especially in a world obsessed with numbers and specs. Here's to hoping that a quad-core A6 processor makes a welcome appearance behind the iPad 3's glossy display. Talking of which...

Magical screen

Rumours of an iPad 3 with a Retina Display have got us all drooling at the possibility of a pixel-packed 1563 x 2048 resolution which, if true, will trounce the screen of any other tablet currently available. Smart secondary displays may also be on the cards, with touch-sensitive controls surrounding the screen.

Better connected

An Apple patent revealing a slimmed-down hybrid USB 3.0/DisplayPort sparked rumours of even thinner iDevices in the works. We can only hope the iPad 3 is one of them, as USB functionality would make it infinitely more productive. An SD card slot wouldn't go amiss either.

A few nips and tucks

Apple hired a carbon fibre wizard way back in April and we wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of MacBooks forged out of the wonder-material. Although the iPad is hardly a back-breaker, it could still benefit from losing a few pounds here and there too, which is why we're hoping for the iPad 3 to come in mesh-black.


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