GT Racing: Motor Academy – the world’s first 3D HTML 5 game

Google+ has dipped its toe into social gaming, and it’s doing it in stylish 3D

GT Racing: Motor Academy has launched on Google+ as the world’s first 3D HTML 5 online game. Of course that means a 3D environment for racing, as opposed to jump-out-at-you 3D – but it’s still an impressive claim from Google. Visually, think PlayStation One graphics Gran Turismo, but all run online.

The game might be easily accessible through your Google+ account, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t have depth. With over 100 real supercars, 15 tracks and 60 events, you can train up as a racer and – when you’re up to Lewis Hamilton standard – whoop up to 6 of your Google+ pals in an online multiplayer race. There’s even an arcade mode if you just fancy a quick burn in your lunch break.

Check out the video trailer and if you like, give it a go at Google+ GT Racing: Motor Academy.

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