Gresso’s iPhone 4 time machine

Walking around with six watches strapped to your arms? Try Gresso’s slightly less ludicrous alternative


Over the years a large number of us have ventured to our phones screens for the time rather than traditional watch faces. Gresso, with its history of adorning mobiles with watches, has turned its recent efforts to the iPhone 4. Undoubtedly wielding some form of powerful magic, the company has successfully managed to garnish the device’s rear with no less than six mechanical Swiss watches, covered with diamond-coated mineral glass. 

The company claims these additions merely add an astonishing 1mm to the overall thickness of Apple’s sleek blower, which is where the fairy dust and unicorn tears probably come in to play. If you have an irresistible urge to simultaneously keep the time at six leading business centres from around the globe and also happen to have US$6000 lying around then today appears to be you’re lucky day.