GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac brings live streaming to your HD Hero

Your hardy headcam can finally get the real-time internet audience it deserves with this Wi-Fi accessory

GoPro's Wi-Fi BacPac, announced with the HD Hero 2 last year, has just been unleashed on sporty, gadget-clad daredevils who want everybody to see their extreme antics in real time.

This essential add-on attaches to the back of your HD Hero or Hero 2, bestowing the camera with Wi-Fi powers plus you'll be able to live stream your video to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets (via the free GoPro app) or the web in an incoming update.

The Wi-FI BacPac can be snapped up from the GoPro website in a 'combo kit' with a Wi-Fi Remote for US$100 (hold on for UK pricing – we've asked GoPro for the details). The waterproof Wi-Fi Remote has a range of 180m and can control up to 50 GoPro cameras at once. Good to know for the next time we want to strap 50 HD Hero 2s to some badly-controlled segways and view the mayhem as it unfolds.

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