GoPro teams up with Periscope for easy extreme streaming

Surfboard, parachute, skis, mountain bike or sports car not included

Now you don’t have to wait until you’re back at the ski lodge to brag about your skill on the slopes – GoPro just teamed up with Periscope for live video streaming.

Anyone with a GoPro Hero4 will get the option to record and share their footage with their Periscope audience as soon as their pair the camera to an iPhone with the Periscope app installed.

You’ll be able to toggle between the GoPro and the camera on your iPhone to give two views of the action, but your phone will show the on-screen chat no matter what mode you’re in.

A switch will freeze the phone screen, so you can slip it in a pocket while broadcasting.

The hard copy still gets saved on the camera’s microSD card to edit later, so you can remove any slip ups and bloopers – although it won’t stop your live audience from getting an eyeful. 

It’s not the first time GoPro has added live streaming abilities; it teamed up with Meerkat last year and has its own HEROcast wireless transmitter, but the former isn’t all that popular anymore and the latter is aimed at professional filmmakers. 

Periscope integration could be huge, though. That’s because Twitter started integrating Periscope broadcasts right into users’ Twitter timelines, saving you from installing the app or even clicking a tweet to start watching. 

With about 10 million accounts and an insane 40 years of video watched on Periscope every single day, that’s a pretty sizeable audience – add in the extreme sports and stunts GoPro cameras are best known for and that number could grow even higher. 

It’s not quite ready for the mainstream yet though, as it’s iPhone-only for now – Android users will have to wait for GoPro and Periscope to add support for Google’s mobile OS before they can start live streaming too.