Google: We’ll use USB Type-C for future Android phones

It’s the hot new plug format!

It debuted on Apple’s new MacBook, then the second-generation Chromebook Pixel a couple of days later. Where next for USB Type-C? Android phones, that’s where.

Google has revealed that Android smartphones are in line to adopt the new socket standard, along with more Chromebooks.

In a YouTube video posted by Google, the Chrome team bigged up USB Type-C to the max, saying it offered a triple whammy of power (it can carry 100W of it), high-speed data transfer and the ability to output 4K video – all in a connector around the size of micro-USB.

"USB Type-C delivers more power than most devices need today," says Google's Andrew Bowers. "So it’s going to support many things into the future." Starting with Chromebooks and Android phones, it seems.