Google Translate for Android upgraded with new languages

Conversation Mode now has 14 languages for globetrotting chatterboxes

Good news for tongue-tied travellers – Google has updated Conversation Mode in its Google Translate Android app to support 12 additional languages.

Conversation Mode now supports 14 languages in total, adding Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian and Turkish to its previous line-up of English and Spanish.

Bear in mind it's still experimental, so translations may be a little flaky. Fortunately Google's other improvements include the ability to correct spoken text before you translate it and add unrecognised words to your personal dictionary. Google's also included a handy full-screen feature for viewing translated text, including pinch-to-zoom.

Grab Google Translate from the Android Market for phones running Android 2.2 and above.



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