Google Tone is a super sonic way to share URLs across computers

Audio-based transmission tech instantly sends web links to any computer within earshot

“URL sharing” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when considering which daily aspects of our work lives are in need of technology-based disruption, but Google has gone there anyway.

The new Tone extension for Google’s Chrome browser allows users to instantly share web addresses with other Tone-using computers within earshot – and it’s all done with existing microphone and speaker technology.

Share a URL with Tone and your PC will emit a sound that nearby computers will “hear” and translate instantly into said URL. No need to email a link around the office anymore – just Tone everyone that “Best fails of Q1 2015” YouTube video.

Google says Tone may not work in loud spaces but is otherwise fairly robust. It’ll even work over the phone or through a Google Hangout. Users must be logged into their Google accounts to send and receive Tones.

While we don’t think Tone is going to change anyone’s life, it’s another little bit of Internet-based tech-magic from Google and an interesting insight into the sort of stuff that gets developed at Mountain View every day. And where next for it? We’d imagine if it proves popular with PC users, it could be heading for Android phones next.

[Source: Google Tone via Gizmodo]