Google may launch its wireless service today, with pay-as-you-use data

We’ve heard all sorts of details in recent months, and now it might be ready to hit the States

Google confirmed last month that it was working on launching its own wireless service on the backs of a couple United States carriers. Now a report says it could launch as soon as today, and some new details have emerged.

The Wall Street Journal says that Google is likely to officially unveil the service later today, or in the very near future if not. Google’s service comes via a partnership with T-Mobile USA and Sprint, who agreed to let the company build its own unique service using their wireless spectrum.

What’s different about this service? Well, according to previous reports, it’ll switch between the Sprint and T-Mobile spectrums at will, depending on which service is stronger, and also use Wi-Fi when available to route calls and messages.

This new report adds another interesting tidbit: Google’s service will reportedly also offer mobile data at rates based solely on what you actually use each month, rather than forcing you to buy a large plan and potentially waste some of it. A couple smaller carriers in the States have similar offerings, but Google’s name would be the biggest of the bunch.

And as we’ve heard before, this report affirms that only the Nexus 6 will be usable on the service to start, as it’s able to switch between the two backing networks. Additionally, Google reportedly sees the project as an experiment, and wants to keep the scale small initially. But even if small in scale, anything Google does differently in this space is sure to have an impact.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]