Google Android Music 3.0 app leaked

Google's music streaming app slips out on the internet

If you’ve been waiting for Google to get its cloud on when it comes to music streaming, here’s a teaser.

Screenshots of the next version of Android Music 3.0 are flying about the web after someone got their hands on a developer version of the Android Market.

The app looks pretty similar to the Android Honeycomb music player, but it’s in the usually boring Settings area where the action really heats up.

Users are given these choices: "Stream music via Wi-Fi only", "Download via Wi-Fi only" and the biggie – "Cache music". So Google wants us to temporarily store streamed music when offline. They're too good to us; they’re like the needy teacher giving us the answers to the test on their first day. And I’d be surprised if the record companies greet the news with open arms.

The questions now are how long would we be allowed to store the tracks for and will anyone let Google unleash this on the music industry?