Gift Guide – money no object

Won the lottery? Robbed a bank? Held the world to ransom with a space laser? These are the prezzies for you

Electric DeLorean DMCEV


The real DeLorean was a failure of a car, the Back To The Future version was a fantasy time machine, but this Electric DeLorean is truly amazing. The pricetag might be high but it’s worth it for the 260 horsepower, gull wing-doored replica that can pull 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds. Granted, it won't punch a hole in the fabric of space and time, but you’ll get to 88mph easily – and carry on right up to 125mph. Sadly it doesn't have a Mr Fusion reactor, but three and a half hours of charging will give you a range of 100 miles. The only downside to it is that where you’re going, you will need roads.

JetLev Flyer


You can own a jetpack. And if you’re rich enough to buy one for yourself, why not get another one for your mate and race around your local waterways? Granted, you're limited to flying above water, but the JetLev Flyer is as close to a real jetpack as most people will get. And if it fails you can land in the nice soft wet.

Project Utopia


Live like a Bond villain, in your own offshore lair of doom. Or ignore those clichés and buy this floating island for your loved one’s legendary parties – all offshore so you don’t need to worry about any of those pesky laws. It’s 100m long and spans eleven decks but it’s still able to move thanks to thrusters on each leg. There’s even a 360-degree viewing gallery at the 60m pinnacle, ideal for practicing that megalomaniac laugh.

Seabreacher X Watercraft


Speedboats are so last year. Give the gift of speedy underwater travel with the 260hp Seabreacher X Watercraft. The two seater – designed to follow the streamlined shape of a shark – will provide thrills for you and a passenger, hurtling along at 50mph above water and 25mph under the surface. Bursting out of the water seems to be a favourite of dolphins and Seabreacher drivers alike.

Moller Skycar M400


Here it is, your own personal aircraft, straight out of The Jetsons. And with a better mpg than most SUVs it’d be silly not to buy one of Moller’s Skycars for your mate. Imagine racing in the skies at over 300mph for its 750-mile range. Race you to Dublin? Last one there buys the Guinness.

Virgin Galactic Space Flight


Let your favourite friend live out their Captain Kirk fantasies aboard Richard Branson's suborbital spacecraft. Sadly, Captain Kirk himself won't be joining them – Star Trek actor William Shatner turned down Branson's offer of a spaceflight, reportedly saying, "I'm interested in man's march into the unknown but to vomit in space is not my idea of a good time. Neither is a fiery crash with the vomit hovering over me."

Jean-Michel Jarre iPod dock


A 10,000W tower of power for an iOS device. The five-channel amp beauty is one of the few creations able to make even Apple's design cues look dowdy.

2lmx watch


Nothing says "I’ve thought about your present," like a watch that will be one of just five in the country. The Swiss-made beauty bares all its cogs in an open design that shows off the 377 parts and 44 jewels that make it unique.

Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill


Nothing is better than the gift of time. Give it to your dog-owning (pedigree?) chum so he can drink beer and watch TV without having to take the dog out for a walk. If he’s a portly gent he could even get some use out of it himself.



Put your loved one in a giant hamster wheel and push them down a hill. It’ll be fun for them and lets you get any niggling dislike for them out of your system in one push.

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