Get snap-happy with the Raspberry Pi camera module

The Raspberry Pi gets ready for its close-up with a new 5MP camera module

The Raspberry Pi has an eye – in the form of a 5MP camera module unveiled by the Raspberry Pi Foundation on its blog.

While there is a bit of work to do on the camera's drivers and some other fettling to turn the images from "pretty good" to "bleedin' marvellous," the hardware itself is complete and it should be ready for consumer consumption in around a month or so. That means Raspberry Pi fans will soon be making computers and other gadgets with vision in mind. CCTV? Baby monitor? Skype video calls? R2D2 robot camera? There's plenty of potential.

No word on price at this time but considering that you can pick up a Raspberry Pi for £26 in its Model B form and £16 for the stripped-down Model A version, we doubt the 5MP snapper - which measures a measly 20x25x10mm - will set you back too much dough.

[Raspberry Pi Foundation via CNET]

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