Get slidey with the Sony Ericsson G705

Not feeling the C905? Or just want something a little less flashy? Then the new Sony Ericsson G705 is probably what you're after.The sharp new slider

The sharp new slider has just got official after months of ropey internet leaks, with a 2.4in screen, packing a built-in accelerometer for flipping the pics you've taken on the now rather old hat 3.2MP snapper.

Inside, you'll find a full web browser, with Wi–Fi for zipping about and aGPS and Google Maps also shovelled inside. And the fun with the Big G doesn't stop there either. You can upload vids straight to YouTube thanks to a new business love–in.

Word on the street is that this will roll up early next year, so it's pretty unlikely it'll come rocking those unlimited downloads Sony Ericsson is said to be priming for their phones.


Sony Ericsson G705

Price: £TBA

On sale: 2009

Contact: Sony Ericsson