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The gates of hell open (temporarily) on April 15 for DOOM’s public beta

Book your time off work now for a blood-spattered four day weekend

Break out your BFGs: Bethesda is swinging open Hell’s gates ahead of schedule for DOOM’s open beta.

The grandaddy of first person shooters’ modern reboot doesn’t unleash its gore-hungry demons until May, but you’ll be able to get early access from the April 15 to 17.

Bethesda revealed the multiplayer beta would be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, with gamers able to pre-load from the 12th.

You’ll get access to two maps, across the traditional Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill-style Warpath modes, which Bethesda says is “just a fraction of what players will experience when the game launches May 13.”

That fraction also includes seven beefy guns and one playable demon character. We’re really, really hoping that means the jetpack-wearing, rocket-spewing revenant.


Expect a fair share of old school FPS tropes like bounce pads, teleporters and the all-important quad damage powerup too.

Bethesda also revealed the post-launch plan, with three paid content drops on the way in addition to some free DLC.

So far, that will include new maps, weapons, and more playable demons, as well as armour colours and multiplayer taunts – perfect for pulling out after you land a ridiculous rocket shot.

Pick them up individually and you’ll pay £11.99 each, or you can grab the lot for £29.99 with the season pass.

Bethesda is hoping the beta will give you some serious bloodlust: the full game arrives on May 13.