Gaming Greats – Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

If you travelled back in time and claimed that one of the most famous video game characters ever conceived was going to a be a blue anthropomorphic he

But Sonic the Hedgehog was released on Sega’s Mega Drive in 1991 and has held a special place in the heart of gamers ever since.

Immediately, the lush levels and insanely catchy synth music instantly grabbed your attention.

Then you started running. And boy, did that little guy know how to run.

Wanting gameplay to be smoother than Super Mario, Sega designed fluid levels players could blitz through without starting and stopping.

At top speed the map blurred, pulling your reflexes into focus to kill enemies at lightning speed, or face the deadly consequences of losing precious gold rings.

Throw in loop the loops, spring launchers and a handful of invincibility powerups and you have the recipe for defeating your arch nemesis, Dr Robotnik, an evil genius who turns fluffy woodland creatures into enslaved robots.

More recent 3D releases proved unable to live up to the original fury of Sonic’s original supersonic madness. So, if it’s a fix of pure speed you’re after, fire up your Mega Drive, tune in to the synth soundtrack and hurtle through the hypnotic levels at eye-watering speeds once again.

[by Esat Dedezade]

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