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Games Watch: the 5 best new games coming out in February 2020

Here are the console and PC games that have us talking this month

Even during the slowest months of the year, you’ll find the release list stocked with literally hundreds of games across consoles, PC, and mobile. It’s madness.

Given that, it can be easy to overlook some magnificent game releases amidst the stack, but worry not: we’re here to help. Our Games Watch column points out the five biggest and brightest games on the immediate horizon, and outlines why each seems like it’ll be well worth your time and money.

With that in mind, here’s your monthly compendium of the five most scintillating new releases coming before March rolls around. You can thank us later.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics – 4 February

Netflix scored a big win last year with The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, an episodic prequel to the Jim Henson 1982 classic, and now we’ll see whether the franchise also translates to gaming with February’s turn-based strategic adaptation.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics looks to take a Final Fantasy Tactics-esque approach to the fantasy franchise, with a mix of characters from the film and series as well as tactical combat, job classes, and other potentially intriguing complexities. It could be a nice little pickup, especially at the budget price.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Price: £17

Yakuza Remastered Collection – 11 February

Sega’s cult-favourite series about a Japanese gangster has seen renewed interest in the current generation, which is why all of the last-gen games are being remastered for PlayStation 4. Now, finally, all of the Yakuza games will be playable on the system.

The Yakuza Remastered Collection gets a physical release on 11 February, filling in the missing gaps with Yakuza 3-5. The first two of those games have been available digitally since last year, while Yakuza 5 unlocks on the same day as the physical release.

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Price: £50

Dreams – 14 February

Media Molecule created one of the all-time PlayStation greats with LittleBigPlanet, a slick creation suite based around a side-scrolling platform design – and now they’ve taken the concept to a very ambitious new level with Dreams.

As seen by creations from the early access release above, Dreams can be used to create pretty much any type of game, large or small – and recreate existing games with a shocking degree of accuracy. The gradual early access rollout has diminished a bit of the buzz around this full release, but we’re still excited to dig in and get creative.

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Price: £35

Darksiders Genesis – 14 February

The PC version snuck out in December, but we’re looking forward to getting our hands on Darksiders Genesis on consoles this month. The latest series entry scraps the third-person approach in favour of a co-op, top-down hack-and-slash design.

With War as one of the playable characters, it’s a throwback to the excellent original game while delivering an apparently entertaining new kind of experience. Critical reviews for the PC version were pretty good and Steam user reviews are even better, so series fans won’t want to miss this one.

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Price: £35

Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle – 18 February


Speaking of Sega remasters, the company released a pair of brilliant action games a decade back, and now both are shipping together in a two-pack: Bayonetta and Vanquish.

Both hail from PlatinumGames, with Bayonetta being the intensely over-the-top Devil May Cry-esque affair with a heroine whose hair can attack enemies, and Vanquish being an intense sci-fi shooter with a whole lot of sliding and blasting (see trailer above).

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One

Price: £35