Game developers banking on iPad 3 Retina Display

Bejeweled creator PopCap teases iPad HD reveal and predicts Retina Display "scramble" by developers

The iPad 3 (or iPad HD) depending on your preference – is a near cert to feature a 2048x1536 Retina Display screen – and game developers are prepping HD versions of their iPad titles for Apple's App Store.

Bejeweled creator PopCap reckons the rush to the iPad 3's Retina Display is already underway, with franchise manager Giordano Bruno Contestabile telling Games Developers Conference delegates that, "I think that tomorrow every game developer will have to scramble to get a new higher res version of their Apple games on the store. It will be very important to do so, and that's something we absolutely want to address."

PopCap's currently working on a premium version of Bejeweled – so hopefully we can expect to create cascades of gems on the iPad 3's rumoured 2048x1536 Retina Display sooner rather than later.

iPad 3 rumour round-up

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