Gadget of the Day – Marantz SA8003 CD player

Marantz is all about top notch quality. And we're not going to lie, snagging yourself this spanking new, top of the range CD player is going to cost b

Ok, that's not exactly credit crunch friendly, but it does get you an awesome piece of kit. As you'd expect, there's a solid metal body and a weighty bottom plate which Marantz says virtually eliminates any vibration. So you can crank up that tawdry Britpop you've been reminiscing too without any unseemly distortion.

As the name suggests, this is built with SACDs in mind, but of course it'll play nice with your regular collection too. And let's face it, while we all love listening to MP3s, there's something a bit classier about sticking on a record and listening to the whole darn thing instead.

You can grab one now, but if your budget is a bit tighter, keep your eyes peeled for our forthcoming budget hi–fi feature.


Marantz SA8003 CD Player

Price: £700

On sale: Now

Contact: Marantz