Gadget of the Day – Denon RCD–CX1 all–in–one music system

Denon’s new all–in–one RCDCX1 has certainly caught our eyes (and ears) here at Stuff Towers. The new wee beastie handles SACDs, disc

Being a Denon machine, build quality is second–to–none and you can get a whacking 150W of power throbbing out into your front room via the Denon SC–CX101 speakers you get in the bundle.

The price for all this hi–fi wizardry? A staggering £1,300. Best let the missus know your spending the kids Christmas fund rather than snaffling it first and telling her later, that’s all we’re saying.


Denon RCD–CX1 and SC–CX101

Price: £1,300

On sale: Now

Contact: Denon