Gadget of the Day – Audio Pro Porto Go

A lot of iPod speaker docks out there are a bit plasticky and Audio Pro doesn't like it one little bit. In Audio Pro's books a proper dock must be cla

In Audio Pro's books a proper dock must be clad in animal skin, sit upright and have a handle.

The Porto Go manages to be all business without losing its sense of style. The red, white and blue colour options look great and the carry handle is just the job for carting it about.

Mains or battery powered, six D batteries will keep it going for about eight hours.

The dock on the front will seat any flavour of screen-toting iPod. iPod Shuffles and other MP3 players can jack in via the 3.5mm input.

There's even a pocket in its derrière for the credit card-sized remote control. Marvellous.


Audio Pro Porto Go

Price: £179.99

On sale: October

Contact: Audio Pro