The future of mobile gaming: Square Enix stream Final Fantasy XIII to smartphones in Japan

We like where this is going...

While the Final Fantasy ports are now app store mainstays, Square Enix is taking things one step further by streaming the full-fat Final Fantasy XIII to iOS and Android devices.

The download itself only takes around 20mb of space, while a live video stream of the actual game running on a server is beamed straight to mobile devices, which require a minimum 3MB/s connection.

Controls are overlaid on-screen, and the first 30 minutes of the game are free, after which it'll cost 2000 yen to continue.

It's a similar service to the one that Sony offers its PlayStation users, who can stream certain titles (including Final Fantasy XIII to selected Sony smartphones, TVs and Playstation consoles, and we hope this news will spur Sony on to share this experience with non-Sony devices too.

Nintendo has already announced that it'll bring its characters to smartphone platforms, and if Sony decides to open up its streaming service to more devices, it'll be a win for gamers and developers alike.

[Source: Techcrunch]