Fully Charged: Watch PlayStation Now in action, let Facebook make you weep, and House of Cards gets third season

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Facebook look back

Facebook celebrates its 10-year anniversary with personalised sentimental video

Facebook turned 10 yesterday, and the social media titan has gone all gooey to celebrate by giving each of its 1.23 billion-odd users a wonderful, thoughtful gift: a personal history of their Facebook highlights, built automatically using a cold-eyed algorithm and the content you’ve posted over the years (if you haven’t posted much, you’ll probably just get a ‘thank you’ note… which is better than a kick up the bum, we suppose).

You can look at yours here.

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Netflix renews House of Cards for a third season

House of Cards

The second season of Netflix's flagship show House of Cards hasn’t even begun – but the company has announced that it’ll be bring its brilliant political potboiler back for a third season.

The show, which stars Kevin Spacey as Machiavellian house majority whip Francis Underwood, is paid for wholly by Netflix and made available on a season-by-season basis to subscribers. The entire 13-episode second season will appear on Netflix on 14th February, and we can neither confirm nor deny that we intend to binge-watch it all next weekend surrounded by bags of tortilla chips and cans of strong continental lager.

Source: Deadline

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Google opens Chromecast up to devs with SDK

Despite not being officially available in the UK, the Google Chromecast is one of our favourite streaming devices – especially given its dirt cheap price. And now it’s set to get a lot more appealing, because Google has released an SDK allowing any developer to make their app Chromecast-compatible.

The SDK is available for iOS, Android and Chrome developers, and will enable them to add a “cast” button to their app. Hitting this will send a web technology such as a video window to the Chromecast to be displayed on your TV.

Check out the video above for more details.

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See the PS3’s PlayStation Now streaming service in action

See the PS3’s PlayStation Now streaming service in action

Psst, want to get an idea of how PlayStation Now, Sony’s upcoming game streaming service works? Well, one brave beta tester has uploaded footage of him streaming and playing Killzone 3 through his PS3, and it’s fairly impressive stuff (despite quite a long connection time – something that we imagine will be shorter once the finished service arrives later this year).

We can’t embed the video here, but click through to DualShockers to watch it yourself.

[Source: DualShockers]

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