Fully Charged: The USB plug you'll never put in the wrong way round, hijacking drones, and Sky opens up its movie store

With rogue drones and good news for USB plug rage sufferers, it's time for your early morning hit of hi-tech news

Hijacking drones

Parrot's AR.Drone has been a huge hit with nerds the world over, but one US researchers has now showed that not all owners play nice.

Samy Kamkar's SkyJack software can infect the flying machines, taking ovr their electronic brain.

Kamkar has loaded the software onto a Raspberry Pi-equipped Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 to create the ultimate in evil toys - a fun-bsting drone that can seek out others, infiltrate their software and then sever their connections with their real owner.

"SkyJack is a drone engineered to autonomously seek out, hack, and wirelessly take over other drones within wifi distance, creating an army of zombie drones under your control," he says.

The software even works from a desktop computer, so beware - even though it's supposedly just a proof of concept, owners moght want to keep an eye out for other drones arriving nearby...

Source: Youtube

Sky opens up

Originally only available to its TV customers, Sky has opened up its movie rental store to everyone - and declared war on Apple and Google in the process.

Now anyone with a browser, Now TV, Roku or YouView box can rent any of its 1,200 movies, which range in price from 99p to £3.49.

The films will stream in high quality (Sky stops short of calling in HD), and will be available for 48 hours once you coughed up your rental fee.

Source: Sky


An end to USB rage

We've all done it - plugged in a USB cable the wrong way then had a tantrum.

It's incredibly annoying, especially when you've got smug iPhone owners telling you about their lightning connecter and how it ends the plug plague.

However, the end is in sight - the next generation of USB plugs will be reversible.

The USB Type-C connector will be similar in size to existing micro USB connectors, and also offer better power charging capabilities and a higher throughput of up to 10Gbps.

Look for it to come to tablets and ultrabooks next year. One downside: the next-gen USB won't be backwards-compatible with existing USB ports, which means you'll need adaptors to plug new accessories into old laptops (and vice versa).

Source: USB.org

Santa tracking is back

Now December has arrived, Google has wasted no time in launching its traditional Santa tracking service (Even though NORAD deserted them for Microsoft last year).

The latest version boasts a countdown clock, advent calender and will even be available as a Chrome browser extension and, for hardcore Santa fans, on Chromecast, Google's TV gadget.

Source: Google