Fully Charged: RIP BlackBerry, the world's cheapest 3D printer, and Netflix thwarts Breaking Bad spoilers

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Breaking Bad

Netflix acts to stop Twitter users seeing Breaking Bad spoilers


With the final episode of Breaking Bad airing in the US next Sunday and here in the UK the day after, there’s every chance that Twitter-using fans of the show might see things they can’t unsee before getting a chance to watch the finale themselves.

Yes, we’re talking spoilers, the bane of TV watchers’ lives thanks to over-eager (or simply plain sadistic) social media users. But worry not: Netflix has launched Spoilerfoiler.com, a site which magically filters out – or rather redacts, government document-style – any terms that fall within a restricted list. You login with your Twitter details and from then on can browse your timeline without fear of finding out how it all ends.

BlackBerry agrees US$4.7 billion sale

BlackBerry Z10

Rest in peace, BlackBerry. The Canadian firm, after enduring several months of disappointing performance, has agreed a deal that will see it sold to financiers for US$4.7 billion (£2.9 billion), or $9 per share. At one point, BlackBerry shares we worth almost $150 each, which illustrates as starkly as anything how the once-mighty smartphone manufacturer has fallen from grace. Products like the Z10 and Q10 have not stemmed the company’s loss of market share against the likes of iOS and Android. It now seems set to retreat from the consumer smartphone market altogether. [Source: Wired]

Range Rover gets app-controlled suspension

Range Rover gets app-controlled suspension
KW app

KW has developed an adaptive suspension kit for the Range Rover Evoque that can be controlled by an iPhone app. The snappily-monikered KW DDC ECU coilover kit which can lower the entire vehicle by as much as 65mm – all controlled in real-time by the app.

Three preset driving setups are included (Comfort, Sport and Sport+), and you have the ability to create and store up to five more. It takes just five milliseconds to switch between them, the idea being that you can adapt the suspension performance to the road conditions, or simply to how you feel like driving at a particular time. [Source: KW Suspensions]

World’s smallest, cheapest 3D printer hits Kickstarter target

The Peachy Printer is a tiny, $100 3D printer and scanner developed by Canadian Rylan Grayston who, after spending nine months perfecting his design, appealed to Kickstarter users to help fund its production.

Grayston was looking for $50,000, and at the time of writing has smashed that target almost six times over. People, it seems, are really excited about small, cheap 3D printers. There’s still 26 days to pledge the CA$100 (around £60) required to have your own Peachy Printer kit sent to you (it takes around an hour to build) along with 100ml of resin for printing. Note that if you’re outside Canada, you’ll need to add an extra $20 for postage.