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Fully Charged: Plastic HTC One (M8) Ace official, GameCube controller adapter for Wii U, and Zesty makes doctor bookings a breeze

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HTC One (M8) Ace officially shown, out next week

The leaks are true: the HTC One (M8) Ace, the plastic-finished version of our pick for the best phone in the world right now, is a real thing and due out soon. HTC posted promotional images of the handset on its own site, and the listed specs are the same that leaked last week. Blue, red, black, and white exteriors are available.

It appears as though the One (M8) Ace—known as the HTC One Vogue Edition in China—features the basic design of the original HTC One, but the internal hardware of the One (M8). It’ll have the same 5in 1080p display and Snapdragon 801 SoC processor (clocked at 2.5Ghz in Asia).

However, the Ace ditches the M8’s Duo Camera for a standard 13-megapixel shooter, and the infrared TV remote function is also missing in action—concessions for what will surely be a noticeably lower price.

Engadget reports that the device will be out next week on 3 June, though that’s likely for China; it’s not clear if the Ace will also debut internationally so quickly, but we’re sure to find out pretty quickly.

[Source: HTC via Engadget]

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GameCube controller adapter announced for Wii U

GameCube adapter

Nintendo fans are ecstatic for this year’s launch of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but even the most excited of the bunch had been concerned about their control options for the game. The GameCube controller is widely considered the best input device for the series, but it’s not compatible with the Wii U.

Well, it turns out that Internet griping can make things happen, as Nintendo of America announced today via Twitter that it will release a GameCube controller adapter hub for the Wii U for use with Super Smash Bros. As shown in the image, it will plug into the Wii U via its front USB ports, and will allow up to four GameCube controllers to be used.

Many details remain unclear, such as whether it will work with other games and if the beloved Wavebird wireless controller will be supported. Still, support for 13-year-old controllers is a pretty huge concession towards the fanbase, and it’s sure to be appreciated, even if it’s just for one game.

[Source: Twitter]

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Zesty allows easy web booking of doctor’s appointments


Launched this week, Zesty.co.uk allows UK residents to quickly book healthcare visits with a wide array of doctors and specialists, with more than 10,000 appointments available daily. The service is currently available in London, with Zesty promising the ability to book a visit within 60 seconds.

Zesty is designed to help both private and NHS practices fill their empty appointments during the day due to cancellations and the like, and to allow prospective patients to get into a doctor’s office quickly with minimal fuss. It’s the first service of its kind in the UK, and Zesty plans to expand beyond London soon.

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