Fully Charged: NFC bling ring, Sonos gets Android streaming and Apple makes loads of money

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Fully Charged: NFC bling ring, Sonos gets Android streaming and Apple makes load

It’s morning and your brain probably isn’t working at full capacity. Ease yourself into the day with bite-sized news chunks concerning NFC jewellery, fantasy football, Apple’s financial results and Sonos finally getting awesome on Android.

NFC ring means you'll never need a business card again

NFC is all around us, but there’s a real sense that people are still working out some genuinely compelling uses for it. Here’s one potential killer app: a ring that features two NFC chips: one large, on top, for public information; and one small, at the bottom, for private info. The ring can be used to share info with business contacts or even, say, to open your front door or unlock your phone. It’s currently a Kickstarter project, but has already reached its funding target with a month to go. Fingers crossed (no pun intended) it becomes a real product in the near future. [Source: Gizmodo]

Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League is back and optimised for mobile

Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League

With the football league mere days from a return, it’s once again time to start poring over long lists of players and get your fantasy team going for another season. Yahoo! is again among the companies offering a stat-based competition (run in conjunction with Eurosport), and this year it’s gone all out on mobile. While there’s no app, there is a mobile-optimised site that shows your points racking up in real time, as well as the ability to comment on activity as it happens and create leagues with your friends via Facebook integration. [Source: uk.eurosport.yahoo]

Apple financials show big Q3 sales

Surprise, surprise: Apple has had a good fiscal third quarter of the year. The company revealed its financial results for Q3 (the calendar Q2) 2013, showing it drew in US$35 billion in revenue and turned a profit of $6.9 billion. The company shifted a staggering 31.2 million iPhones in the quarter (as compared to 26 million in the same period last year). The company also said that it is “working hard on some amazing new products that we will introduce in the fall and across 2014”. [Source: MacRumors]

Sonos can now stream from Android devices

Sonos can now stream from Android devices

Masterful multi-room music system Sonos has just launched a new Controller app for Android phones and tablets, allowing users of devices with Google’s OS to wirelessly stream their stored music. It’s a bit like AirPlay, then, but for Android. [Source: Sonos]