Fully Charged: Microsoft's US$20 phone, and Pixar's The Good Dinosaur trailer

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Microsoft debuts US$20 phone

Microsoft may no longer be able to use the Nokia brand for smartphones, but it's still in play for low-end feature phones - and it's fitting that Microsoft's latest phone is an update of one of Nokia's previous models. The new Nokia 105 is nearly identical to the earlier version, albeit with more internal storage, allowing it to hold up to 2,000 contacts (up from 500).

It also has enhanced audio capabilities for clearer calls, and it lasts longer too, promising up to 15 hours of talk time. This candy bar-style feature phone is decidedly very simple, but it's also very cheap: like the earlier version, it'll sell for just US$20 (about £13) when it releases next month. It's destined primary for developing countries, but Microsoft is also trying to position it as an ideal phone for first-time mobile buyers and for anyone who needs a reliable backup device - no matter where they are.

[Source: Microsoft]

First The Good Dinosaur trailer

Pixar didn't release a film in 2014, which was sad - but now the company has two films releasing this year, which is great. Even better, they're both original films, after a stretch in which three of four releases were sequels (although Toy Story 3 was fantastic). Inside Out releases this month, and has already earned rave reviews.

After that is The Good Dinosaur, and the first trailer was just released. It's more a teaser than anything, but still, it's encouraging to see the studio returning to original fare, and we're excited to see how it turns out. The Good Dinosaur hits UK cinemas on 27 November.

[Source: YouTube]

Tidal releases desktop version

Jay-Z's streaming music service Tidal made a big, celebrity-backed splash (as shown) a couple months back, but if this alternative is making a huge impact in the market, it hasn't been widely felt yet. So the company is expanding its offerings, launching a PC and Mac desktop version and adding Ticketmaster integration for easy access to artists' tour dates and ticket-buying links.

Additionally, Tidal now offers a student pricing option that allows university attendees with a .edu email address to get half off the usual subscription fee. That option will go live next week, but the desktop app is available now.

[Source: Tidal via Engadget]

Hitman Sniper out today on mobile

Square Enix's Hitman series made an excellent transition to mobile with the board game-inspired Hitman Go, but it's taking a new tack for Hitman Sniper. This target-shooting game finds you taking out marks in a city setting, and it's been soft launched in certain territories for months, with the company tweaking the game based on feedback.

Luckily, it's finally going live on both iOS and Android - all around the world. We haven't seen the link just yet, but it's releasing today on both platforms, and it's free to download. Give it a whirl, and hope it's as strong as Go, even in a different genre.

[Source: Hitman]