Fully Charged: Call of Duty: Ghosts gets a famous new character and Ford brings back the hot rod

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Get your hot rod on as Ford offer official ‘32 Coupe body shells

Get your hot rod on as Ford offer official ‘32 Coupe body shells

Want to build an authentic hot rod? Well, there are few better places to start than the ‘32 Ford 5-Window Coupe – and now you won’t have to scour eBay for originals or chance your arm on third-party fibreglass reproductions, because Ford is once more producing the body shells.

The fully-licensed shells are made from stamped steel using (where available) original machinery and fit the original specifications of the ‘32 Ford. Add them to the 9,000-ish legacy parts (from such classics as the Model T and 65-70 Mustang) Ford already reproduces and it’s clear the company is serious about supporting vintage enthusiasts.

[Source: Autoblog]

Halloween comes to Call of Duty: Ghosts

The Onslaught pack is the next piece of multiplayer DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts – and there’s something very special among the new additions to the game it’s bringing.

New map “Fog” will allow one player to become Halloween’s silent masked killer Michael Meyers, stalking other players on the map and hacking them to death with apparent impunity.

You can see Mikey in action, along with the rest of the DLC’s new additions, in the video above.

Sky AdSmart delivers TV commercials relevant to your interests

Sky AdSmart delivers TV commercials relevant to your interests

If you use the internet at all (and you’re looking at this page, so you do) you’ll be familiar with the way Google, Facebook, Amazon and more tailor ads to your interests – or at least what they think are your interests. Well, now TV advertising is going the same way, thanks to Sky.

AdSmart picks ads for TV based on your location and household’s profile. Location-based ads mean you’ll be told about products available in your local area – fair enough – while the profile-based ads use demographic data that Sky has gleaned from third-party providers like Experian. While they don’t know as much about you as, say, Google, they might know what your household income is, your credit history and whether or not you own a car. If you think it’s a tad creepy, you can opt out online or over the phone.

40 brands are on board so far including RBS, Tesco, Audi and American Airlines.

[Source: The Next Web]