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Fully Charged: Big Windows 10 update out soon, and see Doom multiplayer footage

Start closing out the week with our Friday morning news roundup

Big Windows 10 update coming

Windows 10 released in late July to wide fanfare, but there are some loose ends remaining from the day one release – and Microsoft will apparently resolve some of those in an update due early next month, claims The Verge and Thurrott.com. UI tweaks are coming, including another Live Tiles column for the Start menu, plus various fixes.

The Edge browser will also be tweaked, but one big thing isn’t quite ready: extensions support. The Verge says Microsoft will now wait until a 2016 update to release that functionality, which is sure to be disappointing to anyone hoping Edge could hang with the likes of Chrome in terms of flexibility and customisation this year.

[Sources: The Verge, Thurrott]

Doom closed alpha footage

Bethesda and id Software are hosting a limited closed alpha multiplayer test for the Doom reboot this weekend, and although the player pool sounds like it’ll be pretty small, they released some new footage to get everyone all excited anyway. So here’s that! Hopefully, if you registered for next year’s wider beta test, you’ll get your name pulled for this early taste as well.

[Source: Bethesda]

Ant-Man director coming back?

After several years of development, Marvel’s Ant-Man movie lost writer and director Edgar Wright last summer, just before production was set to begin. With a whole cinematic universe on the schedule, Marvel quickly pivoted and brought in unlikely director Peyton Reed (Bring it On), with star Paul Rudd and Anchorman director Adam McKay punching up the script.

And it worked! Ant-Man landed pretty well this past summer, given the smaller scale of the film compared to, say, Avengers: Age of Ultron. And Marvel Studios is keen on stabilizing the recently announced 2018 sequel, Ant-Man and The Wasp, as the company is reportedly in negotiations to bring back Reed to helm the flick. Sadly, Edgar Wright probably won’t come anywhere near the script this time around.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Balls of Glory pinball tables released

Love pinball? Like Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Archer, and/or American Dad? You’re in luck: Zen Studios’ pinball simulations, Zen Pinball and Pinball FX2, just added a downloadable table from each animated series as in-game purchases; alternately, each can be downloaded as a standalone app on iOS or Android.

They’re available on all sort of platforms beyond mobile: PlayStation 3, PS3, PlayStation Vita, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, with a Mac release still to come. Check out the launch trailer above.

[Source: Zen Studios]

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