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Fujitsu PC lets you navigate Windows 8 with your eyeballs

Who needs a mouse when you can swipe around Windows 8 with your eyes?

Navigating Windows 8 with your eyes might seem painful, not to mention detrimental to your eyesight, but that’s exactly what you can do with the Fujitsu Windows 8 Esprimo FH98/JD all-in-one PC.

Built into the computer is clever eye-tracking technology that lets you swipe around Microsoft’s latest operating system simply by looking in different directions. The jury’s out whether this will prove a better system than the old-fashioned mouse but we’ve soon it used to great effect in video games.

Toshiba also revealed the FH77/JD variant, which includes a wireless touchpad so you can remotely operate Windows 8. Both all-in-one PCs include Pioneer speakers for improved sound quality and a touch screen, adding a tablet-like experience. All models of the Windows 8 Esprimo series will be available from October 26, the day after Windows 8’s official release. No word on pricing. Eyes down…

[Toshiba via Engadget]

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