This friendly cable charges iPhones and Androids without discrimination

One cable to rule them all, one cable to charge them

Hate carting around a spaghettified mess of different cables for your charging and syncing needs? We feel your pain.

Thankfully, there's a new non-judgemental charging cable that will play nice with both iOS and Android devices.

The LMcable, as it's called, manages to combine both Lightning and micro USB pins into one miraculous do-it-all connector.

Unlike other two-in-one cables, you won’t need to switch out any adaptors and lose the fiddly parts in the process - it just works as it is. What a lovely little fellow.

The only downside to the connector is that you can’t plug it in in any direction you fancy (which is the Lightning cable's most coveted feature). Still, it's a small price to pay for what appears to be a well-integrated product.

The cable itself shouldn't fray or tangle as easy as Apple’s Lightning cables either, as its wrapped in either leather or fabric, depending on your preference.

Its tin-plated copper wires support both 2.4A fast-charging and data transfers too, but sadly the company's witchcraft hasn't quite extended to throwing in USB Type-C compatibility too.

If you're flying both Apple and Android flags (ar just fancy being a good samaritan to your friends) then you can nab one for yourself over at Kickstarter, where you''ll need to fork out AU$21 for one of the four different designs.