Forgot where you left your car? Ask Google

No more “Dude! Where’s my car” calls
Forgot where you left your car? Ask Google

Google has all the answers, well almost all anyway. And in its attempt to give you replies to even your weirdest queries, the search giant has now ventured into automotive territory, and it’s one that all drivers will get excited over.

The Google Now service offers a function known as the “parking detector”, which will come in handy especially for those of you with a poor sense of direction, or those with the memory of a goldfish (don’t pretend like you’ve never ‘lost’ your car in a huge car park or forgotten which road you parked on a busy day).

Memory 0 – Google 1.

For the newbies, Google Now is a mobile app that offers services, such as weather, sport scores updates, upcoming flight information, and more, besides its basic search function. 

How it works

Forgot where you left your car? Ask Google

Instead of wandering aimlessly through rows of streets looking for your vehicle, you just have to fire up the newly updated search app and the Google Now card will show you an approximate location of your vehicle.

But you’ve got to remember to save the location as a Google Now card right after you park as it uses the speed sensors on your mobile phone to detect when and where you’re leaving your vehicle – you have to do just that much.

As a bonus, you can see the other locations where you’ve previously parked and your parking location data isn’t shared with anyone else, or so it says.

The service is currently only available in the latest version of Google Search on Android, and no information has been released on its availability for the release on iOS. Boo!

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