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Ford turns cars into giant noise-cancelling headphones

Remove engine sounds and other annoying distractions, for a quieter drive

Ford has created a in-car noise-cancelling system to create a more peaceful experience for drivers and passengers alike.

The tech – similar to that found in active noise-cancelling headphones – uses three microphones which pick up pre-tuned frequencies such as the noise of the engine, transmission, and outside wind, while the interior Sony-tuned speakers then transmit a frequency to neutralise those specific sounds.

The system is intelligent enough to anticipate certain sounds, such as changing into a lower gear, and coupled with the specially laminated acoustic glass windows (which reduce incoming wind from around the window pillars), it should provide users with a far more comfortable driving experience.

If you want this quiet a drive then you’ll have to snap up the new Mondeo Vignale, which can be yours from around £30,000. Though it still won’t stop the piercing screams of small children as they drop their ice cream cones all over your lush leather seats.