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Flexible 42in display points to a foldable TV future

Your future telly could be less than 3mm thin and rolled up for easy transport, if this impressive prototype is anything to go by

Plastic Logic has already lent its display wizardry to the flexible Papertab tablet and was kind enough to show us its wares in person last year, including a wearable wrist-mounted display and foldable tablet (shown below).

But the flexible display maestro is aiming even higher by announcing the world’s first 42in flexible display, made up of 16 10.7in monochrome flexible plastic displays.

The resolution on offer is six times higher than existing signage while still providing clear from any angle (including in bright sunlight) and requires very little power to run.

At less than 3mm thick you can easily hang it anywhere and it could very well be the first step to truly portable foldable screens. Plastic Logic has already demonstrated video running on its displays, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a rollable 42in telly within our lifetime. We’ll settle for within twenty years, thank you very much.


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