Five of the best video cameras for skydiving

Thinking of becoming the next Felix Baumgartner? Here's our list of five cameras to film your trip down from the clouds

There are lots of dangerous things you can do these days without skydiving from a helium balloon at 120,000ft to break the speed of sound. But if your heart is set on jumping out of a plane, you might as well capture it in HD video. Here's our pick of the best video cameras for such an occasion.

GoPro HD Hero 2


At less than £300 and equipped with all the bits needed to securely strap the digital camera to you in a number of ways, the GoPro HD Helmet HERO 2 is a wise, budget-friendly option. Although your fall won't warrant it this cam will record video for at least two hours. Still one of the best cameras for extreme sports, hence why it's been shortlisted for Stuff Gadget Awards 2012.



If you've ever watched a skydive video, you may have seen this sort of camera before. It's compact, cylindrical design makes it perfect for sitting on your helmet. It boasts full HD video, not to mention a waterproof case for those landings in the sea. There's even Bluetooth connectivity so you can preview your creations from a smartphone via an Android and iOS app, and GPS data to tell you how fast you descended. Bit pricier than the GoPro HD Hero 2 but more capable.

Veho Muvi HD10


Looking for something even smaller and lighter? The Veho Muvi HD10 and its helmet mounting brackets are for you. This 81g, 81mm tall video camera may be small, but it packs a 1080p punch, three hours of battery life and the ability to work in cold temperatures – the sort you get when really, really high up.

Drift Innovation HD


Not so well known, but the Drift Innovation HD is definitely worth a mention. It weighs less than an iPhone 4S, can film video for more than two hours and can record at 1080p quality. And it comes with a helmet mount, head strap and the clip needed to get you going. Plus the money saved from buying this camera can be used for your life insurance policy.

Liquid Image Company Ego


If you crave a little more colour and you've spent all your savings hiring out a plane for the day, the Liquid Image Ego is well worth a look. Available in a number of bright colours, this portable camera can record footage at 1080p and will go under water up to a depth of 100m with its waterproof case. Not only that, it can even stream content via Wi-Fi so there's no need to find that missing cable.

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