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First consumer VR headset for mobile phones is built for the LG G3

Vortex VR’s headset is 3D-printed, with more coming for other Android devices

We’ve been waiting and waiting for Samsung to show its hand regarding the leaked Gear VR, but Vortex VR just beat it to the punch with a phone-centric headset – and it’s for the LG G3.

The VRTX I is built around LG’s flagship smartphone, and the headset features a 100-degree field of view and is 3D printed in partnership with 3D Systems and GameFace Labs. The headset was announced at the annual PAX Prime convention in Seattle, Washington USA.

As seen in the image, the G3 can be safely nestled within the headset, providing the screen that you’ll be staring into at very close range. The G3’s 2560×1440 display should make for a rather clear image, however, and it’s still our pick for the best smartphone in the world right now.

Otherwise, details are few – it’s not yet clear when you’ll be able to order the VRTX I (Vortex’s website is currently password-protected) and no price was mentioned. Also, we’re not yet aware of an abundance of mobile games and apps designed to actually use such a headset at present.

Vortex VR says it will follow this G3 headset with others that focus on other Android devices, and since they’re 3D printed, we imagine each should perfectly fit the device it’s intended for. We’ll have more details as they come.

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