Ferrari revs Art.Engine speaker system

As the tyres squeal on the launch of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue today we've become a bit light-headed on the petrol fumes and obsessed with anything with

OK, so these Art.Engine speakers may not actually contain any internal combustion, but with a name like that and the iconic prancing horse of Ferrari endorsing them, we're sold.

Each one contains the speakers, four 200 watt digital amps, DSP and a wireless receiver. That means all you need to do is plug in a power cable and you'll be ready to stream tunes wireless from your Mac or PC.

Much like Ferrari's jam jars, the Art.Engine speakers will be for a lucky few only. Just 1000 will be made available worldwide and with a price tag of £13,000 they don't come cheap.

Of course they'll be available in the famous Rosso Corsa Red, splashed on using genuine Ferrari paint. Now all we need is the Enzo to match it...


Ferrari Art.Engine

Price: £13,000

On sale: Now

Contact: The Pleasure Home