Fatman iTube bulks up

Fatman’s iTube valve amps have been the retro gadget of choice for music–obsessed techheads for yonks.And now those with a touch more cash

And now those with a touch more cash and an urge to degrade their hearing to Pete Townshend levels can splash out on the spanking new iTube 452.

Cranking it up to full–on Motorhead levels, Fatman’s new beast has nine valves and churns out a massive 45 watts per channel.

Just like its older siblings, you get that sharp–looking iPod dock. And if Apple’s jukebox doesn’t cut it for you, then the four line-inputs will let you spit out tunes from your CD or MP3 player.

It’s due to hit the UK in April at the wallet–busting price of £1,499. You can check out what we made of Fatman’s previous effort here.


Fatman iTube 452

Price: £1,499

On sale: April

Contact: Fatman