Facebook gets hi-res photo viewer and new Acquaintances tool

The code junkies deep in the bowels of the social network giant's lab have been busy tinkering away again

Facebook has announced a few improvements in its photo viewer and Acquaintances tool, and while not as big as the introduction of Facebook Timeline, they should still be welcome changes for the narcissistic socialite masses.

First up is the new photo viewer, which will now automatically display pictures in the highest resolution possible as well as offering full-screen viewing for all pictures.

The new Acquaintances tool makes it easier to add people you rarely interact with (read: 98 per cent of your friends list) to the Aquaintences list.

Once they've been selected, they'll clog up your news feed less often so that you can focus on only the important updates from your closest friends. Which may or may not still revolve around what they're having for lunch.

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