Facebook App Center launches for iOS and Android

The social network giant dips its toes into the app store pool by giving you the lowdown on what your friends are playing instead of talking to you

Facebook has announced that that its previously announced App Center is now live for certain users in the US, ready for them to peruse a selection of over 600 apps and games that the social network behemoth believes are worth feeding to their trusty iOS or Android devices.

The Facebook App Center can be accessed through the Facebook app for iOS or Android, or you can have a browse on the big screen by hitting up Facebook directly in your browser.

Once you find an app that you like the look of, you'll be redirected to the Apple App Store or Google Play, where you can download and install it to your device.

You'll also be recommended apps that your friend's have already downloaded, so we strongly advise deleting any skeletons you may have in your app closet, with My Little Pony-themed ones being a prime example.

The Facebok App Center is expected to roll out for the rest of us over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more info.

[via Engadget]

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