eBay September Hot Deals - how to get 20% (and more) off a truck load of gadgets

eBay has just started a massive September sale, where you can save over 40% - perfectly timed to pay day!

Brits love a good bargain - we will literally camp outside shops for them!

At the moment, however, that's not such a good idea, so we've turned our attentions online, and we've not been disappointed. Massive sales galore, including this gem from eBay launching right now.

From 10am 1st September to midnight on 6th September, you can get 20% (and more) off a slew of gadgets, games, toys, home tech and everything inbetween.

And by "and more" we mean A LOT - over 40% off selected items that we've listed just below. Just scroll down a little to grab the code you need for the 20%, and go further to see the best deals of the whole sale.

How do I get this deal?

To get this discount, pick what you want from their sale page and enter the coupon code "POCKET20" at checkout for 20% off (up to £75 off). Choose wisely make sure you've got everything you want, as you're limited to just two redemptions!

What should I pick up in the sale?