DV8 golf clubs fit into a backpack

Now only dodgy fashion sense will enable easy identification of golfers
DV8 golf clubs fit into a backpack

It's a classic chicken-and-egg question. Do golfers drive BMW and Lexus saloons because their clubs are so bulky? Or do people with big cars play golf to use up all that boot space?

Now we can find out, with the launch of Kickstarter of a modular golf system that can fit all the necessary hardware in a normal(ish) backpack.

Traditional golfer struggling with club orientation
DV8 bag details

The DV8 Sports system holds up to 14 club heads but just 1 or 2 shafts, letting the golfer assemble them into woods, irons, wedges, putters and probably a mashie niblick to boot.

Apparently, some golfers struggle with orienting their golf bags in a vertical position for transportation through turnstiles or doorways. The DV8 backpack removes this problem (although users will still have to work out which up to wear it). It also fits into the overhead bins on aircraft.

The system works with a patented quick-change steel coupler that can assemble or break down clubs in a matter of seconds with, the makers claim, no impact on performance.

Sadly, you won't see Tiger Woods or Adam Scott fiddling with their heads during an Open. DV8 says that despite liking the product, USGA officials have decided that the system does not conform to USGA equipment rules because they are "readily adjustable". Which is presumably precisely the point.

You've got a couple of weeks left to snap up DV8 systems as Kickstarter rewards. Prices start at US$170 (about £100) for a single shaft, driver and bag, up to US$1070 (£635) for a full 14-club set. 

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