Doom goes to hell (and PC, Xbox One & PS4) on 13 May

Ridiculous Revenant statue up for grabs if you pre-order quick

Better grab your big effing gun - Bethesda and id software just let rip a release date for DOOM, and it's coming sooner than you think.

The ridiculously gory, super-charged FPS reboot is going to land on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on the 13th of May. That’s a Friday, which means a global release - not a fake US-only launch on a Tuesday, followed by the rest of the world three days later.

Bethesda also dropped a first look at the campaign mode, which looks suitably old school - think fast paced action, non-stop shooting and wave after wave of angry demon spawn to scythe through.

Normally we’d shrug off a PEGI 18 rating faster than you can hijack a car in GTA, but DOOM’s campaign trailer is absolutely brutal. You’ve been warned - it’s not for the squeamish.

Serious Doom fans will want to pre-order the £100 limited collectors edition, which ships in a metal case and comes with an unbelievably awesome Reventant statue.

It's a foot tall and has LEDs in the base, with a spinning turbine inside to complete the look. Throw in a smoke machine and this thing would look like it had jumped straight out of the game.

Pre-order the regular edition and you'll still get the Demon multiplayer pack, which has a unique demon armour set. It's got three skins, six paint colours and three id logos to slap on your guns. You also get six one-use Hack Modules, which should give you an edge in the multiplayer mode.