Disney Research lets you inject your voice into someone’s ear with your fingertips

Ishin-Denshin is a Japanese expression which means ‘unspoken understanding’. Why are we telling you this? Because it’s the inspiration behind a new electronic art project by Disney Research inventor Ivan Poupyrev.

The installation consists of a microphone, which you whisper your chosen message into. Your voice recording is then encoded and converted into an electrical signal which creates an electrostatic field around your body. With us so far?

Once you’re ‘charged up’, you can touch a recipient’s earlobe and the electric field will cause it to vibrate, letting them hear the message.

Lend us your ears

It sounds like something out of Harry Potter (minus the wands), but it’s just a good old fashioned science strutting its stuff once again.

Now if you’ll excuse us we’re off to rub a few balloons on our hair before playing telepathic Chinese whispers in the office. Science be praised.

[ivanpoupyrev via New Scientist]