Digital TV Tuner brings Xbox One media functionality to over-the-air channels

Finally, those without cable or satellite set-top boxes can utilize the TV features
Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Microsoft has scaled back some features of the Xbox One to refocus on core gaming, but it remains a pretty neat companion for live TV - and soon owners without set-top boxes will be able to utilize that functionality.

The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner plugs into the console via a USB connector, and allows UK owners to tap into free-to-air channels without having to swap inputs. Previously, you’d need a cable or satellite box plugged in through HDMI, but this USB option opens features up to a much larger audience.

You’ll be able to watch HD-quality television in Snap Mode, which puts the signal in one frame while you have an Xbox One game running in the other, plus you can access TV listings via OneGuide (also on a phone or tablet via SmartGlass), pause live TV, and use Kinect voice commands to get around.

The Digital TV Tuner is out in late October for ₤24.99, and will also be hitting France, Germany, Italy, and Spain at the same time for €29.99.

[Source: Xbox Wire]

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