Dension announces iPhone controlled RC car and conversion kit

Looks like the Parrot AR Drone has some four-wheeled competition…

Okay, there are plenty of radio controlled cars, helicopters and AR drones that you can pilot with your iPhone already on the market – but now Dension's WIRC receiver has arrived, letting you take control of any RC car with your iPhone.

Slotting the Wi-Fi-enabled receiver in to an existing RC car will enable you to drive it around courtesy of a free app (available here), which features virtual on-screen joysticks and gyroscopic controls. The WIRC receiver also comes with a mountable camera, so you can terrorize your neighbour's cat from a safe, first-person perspective.

The receiver can be picked up for €130 or a SmartRacer RC car with a built-in receiver can be had for €200. Godspeed, noble racer.

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