Denon outs DVD–A1UD universal Blu–Ray player

Denon has a neat line in serving up super cool and super affordable goodies. But it also knows that there are punters out there who think the credit c

Which is why they've just outed this high–specced and heftily priced universal Blu–Ray player. Dubbed the DVD–A1UD, it takes care of Blu–Ray discs, as well as SACDs, DVD audio, regular DVDs and standard CDs. The price for this multi–format extravaganza? £3,299.

That price will get you Denon's best tech, with full BD Live, multi–channel support and, of course, HDMI. They also promise 'The world’s first jitter-free transmission of digital audio via HDMI.' Sounds like a winner to us. It tips the scales at an insanely beefy 18.9kg. So once it's under your TV, you won't be moving it in a hurry.

It's due to land in the UK in March 2009. Whether that's enough time for you to save the requisite cash remains to be seen. Got to be worth a shot though, right?


Denon DVD–A1UD

Price: £3,299

On sale: March 2009

Contact: Denon